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  • Nulda Gleaming

    Helped [[:rowana | Rowana]] win [[Macha | Macha]] from the [[Fehyr | Fehyr]] before Rowana fell. Feels that Macha’s best defense is isolation, so strongly objected when [[:lugha-eelskin | Lugha]] brought [[:gabriela-perez | Gabriela]] into their fold.

  • Lugha "Eelskin"

    Lugha was born to [[:danchi | Danchi]] on [[Macha | Macha]], long after [[:rowana | Rowana's]] invasion. She romanticizes the battle tales, particularly [[:nulda-gleaming | Nulda’s]], seeing the island’s regular physical competitions as a chance to win …

  • Bres

    Before the leaving [[Former | Former]] lands, [[:rowana | Rowana]] named the crafty half-Former Bres her heir, in an effort to improve relations between the people. When Rowana fell to [[:sreng-1 | Sreng]] in the invasion of [[Macha | Macha]], Bres …

  • Rowana

    The great [[Immortal | Immortal]] leader who brought her people from the [[Former | Former]] Lands to [[Macha | Macha]]. In the battle, she was beheaded by [[:sreng-1 | Sreng]], the [[Fehyr | Fehyr's]] mightiest warrior. Danchi shaped a silver statue in …

  • Danchi

    A silversmith and healer, Danchi forged the weapons [[:nulda-gleaming | Nulda]] and the other warriors wielded in [[:rowana | Rowana's]] invasion of [[Macha | Macha]]. Father of [[:lugha-eelskin | Lugha]].

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