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  • Fehyr

    The race of Immortals who inhabited [[Macha | Macha]] before [[:rowana | Rowana's]] invasion. Although similar in appearance and ability to the Immortals, Immortals can tell a Fehyr from their own and vice versa. [[:bolg-the-dreamer | Bolg the Dreamer]] …

  • Former

    The Former were an Immortal race indigenous to lands previously occupied by [[:rowana | Rowana's]] people. Frequent fighting between Rowana's people and the Former led Rowana to eventually lead her people across the sea to more hospitable lands. This …

  • Immortal

    A catch-all term for the people of the plane adjacent to the [[Mortal | Mortal]] plane. Specifically used to refer to the followers of [[:rowana | Rowana]] after they fled [[Former | Former]] lands and invaded [[Macha | Macha]], but the race also …

  • Mortal

    The people of the mortal realm, which abuts the [[Immortal | Immortal]] realm. Mortals die of old age, they lack access to the Immortals' inherent nature magics, but wield a technological magic the Immortals cannot grasp. [[:gabriela-perez | Gabriela …

  • Races

    This adventure encompasses four races:

    • [[Mortal | Mortal]]
    • [[Immortal | Immortal]]
    • [[Fehyr | Fehyr]]
    • [[Former | Former]]

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