Welcome to Unveiled!

The sky crackles blue and red electricity, signalling the imminent failure of the cloak which has kept Macha safe from its enemies for the past generation. The magics powering the cloak require abundant precious metals and gemstones, items not naturally found on Macha. Fortunately, Macha provides a means to get them. Portals to the mortal realm. To Los Angeles.

But the last two runners sent for the mortals’ treasure have not returned. Mortals cannot see you when you don’t want to be seen, so your runners couldn’t have been captured. Could they? The only thing that’s certain: something has changed, and this time, Macha’s leader Bres is leaving nothing to chance. Three immortals will travel to Los Angeles with their mortal hostage serving as guide. Once there, they will find the precious metals required for their defense as well as their two lost runners.

If not, Macha is lost.

Unveiled is a one-shot adventure / setting I have put together to highlight how the Fate RPG system works. I have deliberately “created” (well, ripped off from a melange of mythologies and stories with which I only have a passing, Wikipedia-level familiarity) a setting which involves an immediate conflict, a mystery, lots of action, and characters with crazy abilities.

The setting is only partially realized, and this is largely intentional. One of the attractive features of Fate Core as written is the degree of power players wield in crafting the setting and conflicts with which they will engage. Unveiled will touch only lightly upon this theme, instead favoring a tour of the system in action using pregenerated characters and setting. But, if you like the system, our next session can be character and world creation wrapped into one.

Incidentally, Fate Core is a free system, available online with rules, examples, and flavor text all intact and easy to navigate. You’ll find the links in the Wiki on the left.


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